Compass in Android apps broken on Jolla1 since Sailfish3 update

asked 2018-11-13 21:48:53 +0300

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After updating my Jolla1 to Sailfish 3, the compass stopped working entirely in two Android apps which I use quite often, Sygic and c:geo. Compass direction was previously working perfect in on Sailfish and earlier in these apps.

(The compass direction in Sailfish apps such as modRana and Orienteering Compass from Jolla store still works perfect of course.)

I don't know if it could be of any help solving this issue but I did some looking around in some "sensor"-apps...

CPU-Z v1.18 (Andoid app): On the "Sensors"-tab, the "magnetometer" is a slightly fluctuating value around 52µT and it always around the same value regardless of how I orientate the phone. I can understand if apps can show no direction from this value... (On a reference Android phone, the value is changing as the phone rotates, about ±15µT).

AIDA64 v1.0.9-10 Sailfish version: On the Sensors-page, the Magnetometer consists of 3 values (x,y,z). All values moves as I would expect when I rotate the phone around each axis.

AIDA64 v1.54 Android version: I was surprised to find that the 3-dim magnetometer values seems to be working correct here in the android version as well.

To me it seems that something about how the compass direction is calculated and given to android apps have been broken in some way by the Sailfish 3 update on Jolla1.

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