Fastboot unlock freezes (Linux Mint 19) [not relevant]

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Trying to unlock the XA2 (4113) bootloader doesn't go so well at the moment. All I get is:

$ sudo fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x<replaced with the unlock code as instructed>

And that's it. It doesn't return to the command line, so either it's taking really long or it has hanged for some reason. Should it even return to the command line?

Each and every step was followed in the installation guide: Installing Sailfish X on XA2 using Linux.

Can I just yank the USB cable out and reboot the phone and wish that it has done it's job, or am I facing some bootloop isssues if I do?

Edit: Just removed the USB. Phone booted. All is well.

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To resolve this issue u can try another USB port. How did u install fastboot? apt? Try to download android sdk from google. The Ubuntu version is outdated.

LordRooster ( 2018-11-13 23:16:16 +0300 )edit