PaMu Scroll BT 5.0

asked 2018-11-15 19:02:23 +0300

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Hi, I have bought the pamu scroll earphones but they do not work with sailfish X and jolla 1. Only the right headset is working and only for calls for calls, while music is not working at all. Magically on my Nokia N9 everything works perfectly, even music. Solutions or ideas about it?

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Nooo ... I'm coming! I bought the Pamu scroll because they have excellent quality at a sustainable price, and I can not use them for music? Please, you guys from Jolla ... do something! We are so many users who bought Pamu Scroll ...

salkos73 ( 2018-11-15 19:53:35 +0300 )edit

What type of pairing is it showing up as?

Go to Settings app > Bluetooth. Longpress your device listing (PaMU Scroll...) and then Show device settings. Next to Type, I think it should show Headset, this might be different for your device, and you can change it manually.

If this doesn't fix it, sometimes deleting the pairing and then repairing can fix it.

If I want to play music via BT on my Car Stereo, I have to disconnect and reconnect manually having started playing some audio, so this may be a last resort temporary fix for you.

rgp ( 2018-11-15 20:04:55 +0300 )edit

Thanks, I configured as multimedia and connected manually and the fix temporarily works ... even for calls ...

luxbrux ( 2018-11-15 20:53:42 +0300 )edit