Flash problem : writing 'boot_a'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) [duplicate]

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This is a Windows flashing script for Sony Xperia XA2 device.

Power on the device in fastboot mode, by doing the following: 1. Turn off your Xperia. 2. Connect one end of a USB cable to your PC. 3. While holding the volume up button pressed, connect the other end of the USB cable to your Xperia. 4. After this you should see the blue LED lit on Xperia, and it will be ready for flashing

Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer... MD5SUM 'ed5a809dc0024d83cbab4fb9933d598d' match for file 'AdbWinApi.dll'. MD5SUM '0e24119daf1909e398fa1850b6112077' match for file 'AdbWinUsbApi.dll'. MD5SUM 'c980ea6caa9140ee3f30cdc0e98844c4' match for file 'fastboot.exe'. MD5SUM '187d23ceb8c23ad8221529eedc6fef65' match for file 'flash-on-windows.bat'.

Searching a compatible device...

The device is unlocked for the flashing process. Continuing..

Le lecteur spécifié est introuvable.

Found 'SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_8.1.6.4_r1_v16_nile.img' that will be used as vendor image. Continuing.. MD5SUM '83807bf5bcac41e06222d6fb0c87830e' match for file 'hybris-boot.img'.

C:\Users\Leblanc\Downloads\Sailfish_OS-Jolla-\Sailfish_OS-Jolla->fastboot.exe -s RQ300652EM flash boot_a hybris-boot.img target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes sending 'boot_a' (17772 KB)... OKAY [ 0.485s] writing 'boot_a'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) finished. total time: 0.500s

ERROR: Failed to execute 'fastboot.exe -s RQ300652EM flash boot_a hybris-boot.img'.


Please go to https://together.jolla.com/ and ask for guidance.

Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer...

how can I resovlve this ?

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Duplicate? https://together.jolla.com/question/193348/xa2-flashing-issues/ Quintessence: Try USB2.0 and/or different OS.

bomo ( 2018-11-16 19:33:31 +0300 )edit