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3 breaks syncevolution again [answered]

asked 2018-11-17 22:44:05 +0300

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updated 2018-11-18 19:28:38 +0300

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Like with previous major updates, also this time syncevolution cannot be installed which is very unfortunate. The only missing library seems to be

Last time, there was this very helpful fix, but it probably needs to be updated.

It would be really great to be able to use syncevolution again!

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Because of this broken syncevolution, I tried the built-in cardav & caldav account and I must admit/say that it's working flawless! I don't need syncevolion anymore ...

mrtrm ( 2018-11-18 00:52:32 +0300 )edit

caldav works flawlessly since a few releases thanks to Chris Adams. But is carddav already doing a proper 2-way sync? In 2.2, additions made on the phone were not synced to the server. There were some technical limitations due to Qt 5.6. as far as I know. Thus I have given up on carddav on my jolla. How good is syncevolution?

rweickelt ( 2018-11-18 17:45:23 +0300 )edit

Thanks, that is an interesting perspective!

Since I have a rather large address book and calendar combination, which potentially take hours to rebuild, I would love to know the answer about two-way synchronization between my phone (Xperia X) and memotoo.

wcr ( 2018-11-18 19:01:57 +0300 )edit

Could someone please confirm that the synchronization of a large addressbook between the phone and memotoo works? I previously used to sync it by manualling triggering syncevolution, this took some time, but the result was perfect.

I am already syncing the calendar for some time, but for the addressbook it would be great to hear if someone has done it without encountering major problems.

wcr ( 2018-11-23 11:24:11 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-12-12 16:57:14 +0300

accumulator gravatar image

updated 2018-12-12 19:07:15 +0300

I've built and released a SFOS3 compatible SyncEvolution.

It was just published to OpenRepos:

Also, syncevolution is now upgraded to latest tagged release 1.5.3, with quite a few improvements over which was published before!

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After a few hickups and failed syncs, my phone no has perfect synchronization via syncevolution, thanks to this update. Thank you very much! For me, the case is closed.

My conclusion is: 1) direct carddav synchronization does not work for an address database with several thousand entries 2) In its adapted form, and used from the command line, syncevolution is again a perfect tool for this purpose.

wcr ( 2018-12-22 01:07:12 +0300 )edit

Great! I'm glad it finally worked out for you :)

Maybe we should add a wiki to the github repo I put everything into? The build process is a minefield that also could use some more documentation..

accumulator ( 2018-12-22 09:46:37 +0300 )edit

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