[Request] Ability to synch Exchange emails more than 1 month old

asked 2014-01-24 18:28:14 +0300

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Current mail application can only synch Exchange based mails up to 1 month old.

In my Windows Phone and Android phone I can sync my entire Inbox (without time limit).

I have some old emails (> 1 month) that I keep in my Inbox for handy reference and right now I cannot get to it unless I open up OWA.

What am I talking about? 1. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange (any of your Exchange accounts) 2. Tap on the option for "Sync old emails" and the max time period here is 1 month.

Can we have this for a longer period? Sync old events is fine (2 weeks) since it doesn't make much sense to view events that have passed.

Also, let's say I set the max sync period to 1 month. When I enter the mail app, there is an option at the bottom of the list of emails to "Get more emails" 1. Can this please be put in the pulley menu at the top? I don't want to scroll all the way to the bottom of a large mailbox just to get to this option. 2. It doesn't do anything right now if I have set my max sync period to 1 month and I have mails > 1 month old in my inbox.


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Hmmmm now that I thikn of it, the "Sync old emails" should also have an option for "All" instead of being limited to time.

droll ( 2014-01-25 02:41:55 +0300 )edit

The "Get more emails" option should not be shown for exchange accounts, only for IMAP/POP. We have plans to add more sync periods like you requested, but please notice that some Exchange server archive old emails after one year automatically, nothing we can do about it, but ofc if you have sync all and then navigate inside archive mail folder for that year you will get your emails.

VDVsx ( 2014-01-25 11:39:22 +0300 )edit

thanks for the response. yeah, i am aware about that behaviour in exchange. i implement exchange for customers in my day job :)

droll ( 2014-01-25 12:52:23 +0300 )edit