Emby Android App - No compatible streams

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I run an Emby server at my home that I use to watch my movies / tv shows while away from home - I have downloaded the Android app here which installs ok: https://emby.media/emby-for-android-mobile.html - this unsurprisingly worked perfectly on my old Android device but I can't get it to play anything with my Xperia X running Sailfish 3.

I think the problem is the app tries to use the native browser to play the videos? I'm not certain on that but when I use my main Brave Browser (Android APK) on Sailfish X, it works perfectly, when I attempt to use the same web app with the native Sailfish browser it won't playback any videos as there are no supporting stream types - this is the same error the app displays. I was hoping the upgrade to Sailfish 3 would solve it (and upgrade the browser so it would work in that) but it hasn't, I dont think this has anything to do with Android versions but I could be wrong.

Maybe someone has solved this though or can pinpoint the issue.

I should add that I currently get by using it via Brave (based on Chromium) but it doesn't have any of the download features so that I can watch offline.

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Hi @mr_xperia, on Xperia X SailfishOS Nurmonjoki V2.2.1.18 the Emby Android App is doing in general very well, besides some minor glitches like FW, RW and slider not working due to the now becoming more and more outdated Android support within SFOS. Thereof, the Emby guys don't spare no pains on providing support for such an infirm elderly platform, always quite responsive and trying to solve major issues.

JMLatJolla ( 2018-11-20 15:34:51 +0300 )edit