carddav two-way sync

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Following advice in another thread (, I have now enabled direct carddav sync from sailfish to my large memotoo-database. This seems to work well, but I have some questions: 1) Does the sync create any log files anywhere, and would these contain information about any failures/errors? 2) How do I even know the sync has completed? 3) I can create a record on memotoo, sync it, find it on the phone, edit it there, and sync it back, works well. But when I delete that record on memotoo, the phone does not seem to want to delete it - is this normal and expected? I would prefer that active deletion on memotoo triggers deletion on the phone and vice-versa.

Thanks for any advice on these points

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Wow, 80+ views in 6 hours... No response though. A partial response to any of those questions would be great already!

wcr ( 2018-12-02 00:38:58 +0200 )edit