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flashing xperia xa2 hangs while the phone reboots and shows sony logo

asked 2018-12-06 16:04:47 +0300

triessner gravatar image

I tried to flash my xperia xa2 with the free Sailfish image. It seems to work till that point

Flashing vendor_b partition..
< waiting for device >

see stdout.txt for full output. Than the phone reboots and is showing a white screen with the sony logo. Nothing else happens. The flash script ist waiting and the phone just shows the logo. It tried to reflash several times, to use the fastboot set_active a. Nothing helped. How can I go on?

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Hello @triessner, try flashing with older hardware, it should have USB2. see also the information in this post: https://together.jolla.com/question/193348/xa2-flashing-issues/

FrankSiebert ( 2018-12-07 17:18:28 +0300 )edit

I've had exactly the problem described in the article you mentioned with my actual laptop (dell xps13) and wrote already a comment about my experience there. After that I used my old laptop with usb2 ports and I came much further. I don't get the mentioned error message any more and everything seems to work till the above described point

triessner ( 2018-12-09 00:52:48 +0300 )edit

Just had the same issue myself, if you're flashing with linux make sure you have the latest fastboot drivers installed, I was using a Mint 17.3 install that only had v 1.0.30 installed, whereas the latest available version (off ggogle/android) was v 1.0.40. Also plug the USB 2 into a USB port directly attached to the mobo, i.e t the back instead of the front on regular PC's.

davekelly ( 2018-12-09 03:35:20 +0300 )edit

I'm a little bit puzzled, with "fastboot --version" I get "fastboot version 28.0.1-4986621". Furthermore I think there are no drivers necessary using linux? Am I getting somthing wrong?

triessner ( 2018-12-09 22:31:20 +0300 )edit

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answered 2018-12-22 23:26:26 +0300

ssirkia gravatar image

WorkAround: I managed to progress the flashing by rebooting the phone, then holding VolumeUp again.

I had this happening 3-4 times exactly as described. Tried updating LinuxMint 17.2 etc. Last thing before trying an alternate OS, I tried rebooting the phone while script was waiting:

  • I tried rebooting the phone by holding power button until red LED.
  • Then I held volume-up just like in the beginning of flashing.
  • Phone started, LED turned blue and... Flashing progressed!
  • I think it stopped another time and the same method worked again until flashing finished.
  • Everything seems to work OK so far.

Can anyone else confirm this method?

I guess the flashing instructions never tell us to "release the VolumeUp" :-) System: Linux Mint 17.2 updated, good old Lenovo T400 (so USB2.0), DualSIM XA2 (H4113)

Thanks for the SailfishX, Sailors - looking forward to pay 50 for it soon!

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