[feature request] Official tagging system & better search for Together

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In my opinion we need a formal/official tagging system and better search tools for together.jolla.com

Use-case: I'm still having major trouble with bluetooth and I'd like to take a look at all postings that relate to bluetooth functionality to see if there is a valid recent topic open allready

=> I type bluetooth into the search bar - and get a skiff load of results in no particular order

==> So without having no tools I write a new posting adding more confusion to the mess :(

Instead - I'd like to have a moderated official tagging system where knowledgeable trained moderators (I'm sure many of us would volunteer) would tag/categorize each posting and have a good search tools to find relevant topics to look and continue on

I would imagine that it would be lot easier for the development management to see what's going on and pick subjects to do/develop if we'd have a better organized together.jolla.com

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Also an official supported app will be great idea. The current available together app is not made by Jolla and this doesn't give the right customer experience.

JSEHV ( 2018-12-12 09:13:10 +0300 )edit

Askbot is hopeless. I would just search with Google, with a 'site=' parameter.

Askbot should be abandoned IMO in favour of something like Discourse, which does have a search

DaveRo ( 2018-12-12 09:30:44 +0300 )edit

The Discourse logo perfectly suits the Sailfish OS design :)

JSEHV ( 2018-12-12 10:13:10 +0300 )edit


DaveRo ( 2018-12-12 10:53:40 +0300 )edit