[Xperia X] Roaming does not show local operators beside "roaming partner" & blocking others

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Hi guys, first I have to state I found my old love again which I thought had to bury with my N900. I got over some starting struggles but now I do not want to miss it for daily use, so please help me getting my "last struggle(s) fixed" ;)

I am not sure if the two problems are actually one so I put it into one topic - if a mod wants me to split it, pls let me know

1) similar like in Roaming does not show local operator and does not show connection , but a local one, which my home operator [KPN in the Netherlands] is calling their "roaming-partner" is listed [Hutchinson 3 Austria] and I got connection.

This itself is not a crucial problem as I can identify the others ...

2) ... but I am not allowed to pick one of them (I want to as Hutchinson 3 Austria is actually rather poor at the places where I am for the next month)

Now comes the part I do not understand/need help:

Cloud it be that the CurrentMCC and -MNC which I readout in


are used for advertising the phone to other networks instead of the HomeMCC and -MNC?

Or does somebody has a different idea where this problem might rise from? (unfortunately I am not a cellular network guru as one might notice).

In this case the operators would be allowed to block me as they think I am from a local operator (afaik regarding to EU Roaming III laws).

fyi my current software status of the Xperia X: SailfishOS

I first time have flashed it with SF2 around 8th September and following the hint to first play around with all connection possibilities and it was the most recent android version, but is there a way to check if it was already android 8 (beside comparing with the release date)?

to avoid trying if this unconfirmed idea: molan's (Nov 22 '18) comment on a answer at "[Xperia X] Loss of mobile network"

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