Allow bulk import/export of vcalendar .vcs files in Calendar

asked 2014-01-25 14:57:35 +0300

Jtog gravatar image
  1. In order to help migrating from an other phone when no sync is possible, we should be able to import multiple entries in a single file.
    It's about possible in People app for vcard .vcf files but currently buggy (it confirms that hundreds contacts are imported but People remains empty).
    Since icalendar .ics extend vcalendar .vcs, allowing both extensions should allows to import a single VEVENT(like requested here or we should just not be limited to one entry per file by developing these requests.

  2. It should also process VTODOobjects to support other feature-requests like

  3. We should also be able to export many entries in the same time, this would request to be able to search/browse entries in Calendar and select/tick them.

Thank you very much!

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