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Xperia X: black screen, green flashing LED

asked 2019-01-01 11:45:18 +0300

tokaru gravatar image

My phone is caught in a state where the screen is black and the LED is flashing green. Pressing the power button (long or short) doesn't change anything. Any idea how I can get the phone operational again? Normally, I'd take out the battery to force a reboot, but... yeah :( do I need to wait until it runs empty to have it rebooting?

What happened before: I was browsing the web when Sailfish's default browser got unresponsive. Usually when this happens, after some time either the browser is responsive again or the OS crashes completely (red flashing LED) and I need to reboot. So I just put it aside and did something else. When I picked it up again, it was in the state described above.

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answered 2019-01-01 12:01:36 +0300

tokaru gravatar image

Just found the answer myself (obviously used the wrong words when I searched before asking):

Holding power and volume up for 5 seconds will force a reboot.

Phone is operational again.

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