Email notifications include spam folder

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Should email notifications be limited to the inbox? I think so. I got some for the spam folder.

My email provider detects spam and puts in the spam folder, sending me an email in the inbox to tell me. Usually that spam stays unread until it auto-destructs in 30 days, but today I went into the spam folder to read one of the emails. I selected update to see them. Immediately I got 3 notifications for these unread spam messages.

I don't think that should happen. Only inbox messages should be notified.

And if it should happen, the notification should tell me that it's in the spam folder. I tapped one of those notifications, and the email opened, but there was nothing to say it was in the spam folder. That is a security risk.

(Technically, I think that in imap the spam folder has no special status - but I'm not sure. To exclude spam from notifications, but to allow notifications from other folders, would require some more configuration I think. But if only the inbox is notified then that wouldn't be required.)

Also it would be nice if it rolled-up several messages which have the same sender and recipient into a single notification like K9. I'm thinking bugmail here!

Spam folder

Notifications after update

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