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SD card not accessable via MTP over USB [answered]

asked 2019-01-05 16:02:35 +0300

rebos gravatar image

Hello fellow Sailfish X users!

I have a problem concerning file transfer via USB from PC to "Xperia X": When I connect the phone via USB and select MTP-mode, there is only the internal mass storage of the phone showing up in the file manager on PC. I am missing the SD card. I observe this phenomenon on "Windows 10" and "Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS".

Basically the SD card is working within the phone, which has Sailfish OS running (Full Sailfish X package). It is a 200 GB microSDXC card from SanDisk wich I formated using the phone and encrypted it. It is unlocked and mounted in the phone - I can create files and folders on it using apps running on the phone. As far as I understand this article from Jolla the SD card should be accessable.

Does anyone have an idea for a solution of the problem?

Thanks and greetings, rebos

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-01-05 22:00:20 +0300

rebos gravatar image

Obviously the problem has something to do with the encryption: When I format the card in the phone without encryption, the card shows up as expected in a file manager on a PC connected via USB. Therefore I consider my question as answered (although turning off enryption does not feel like a real answer/solution to me).

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answered 2019-01-06 01:29:34 +0300

olf gravatar image

updated 2019-01-06 01:30:27 +0300

@rebos, per Guide: Creating partitions on SD-card, optionally encrypted one can access an encrypted partition on SD-card externally, as long as it is mounted (which happens automatically when the SailfishOS device is booting).

P.S.: As you consider your question as answered, please close it (per button in the lower right corner of the original question).

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@olf: Thank you for the link to your comprehensive guide! These instructions seam well structured and thoroughly edited to me! Nevertheless I would like to circumvent applying procedures like these to my mobile. Based on the announcement of SFOS 3.0 I assumed that using encrypted SD cards would be more straightforward and manageable without external tools and scripting. I still think that an unlocked and mounted encrypted SD card should be accessable via MTP out of the box. So I am looking forward to the next SFOS releases to improve this situation.

In the meantime a found a workaround for me using a symbolic link: Symlinking from the home of nemo to the unlocked and mounted SD card makes it easily possible for me to access the card, because the internal mass storage gets exposed via MTP - and with it the link. This still needs manual intervention but it's just a one-liner.

Besides I was able to create a backup on an encrypted SD card with the SFOS backup tool. Maybe you want to verify this and eventually edit item 6 (first item of notes) of your guide.

Greetings, rebos

P.S.: I already tried to close the question yesterday - but Askbot did not let me do this. The message was - and still is - this: Sorry, to close own question a minimum reputation of 25 is required.

rebos ( 2019-01-06 20:06:17 +0300 )edit

@rebos, sorry I did not realize that. So I closed the question and provided you with 10 more credits. :)

olf ( 2019-01-10 03:46:29 +0300 )edit

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