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Change lock screen

asked 2019-01-23 14:25:59 +0300

wmcig gravatar image

updated 2019-01-23 15:29:58 +0300

jiit gravatar image

I am using the new release of Sailfish OS. On the lock screen I can see the weather information. But do not need it. How can I change it?

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I'm searching for that too, where to choose whether I want to show the weather or not: "Also, you can choose to see the current weather information on the Lock screen." (blog.jolla.com). In next release, perhaps? :)

Lars Maria ( 2019-01-23 19:24:32 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-01-23 15:18:05 +0300

Paraiso gravatar image

updated 2019-01-23 15:31:40 +0300

A workaround rather than a concrete answer, but an answer nonetheless;

You'd need to edit the appropriate file. This means using terminal. If you are comfortable with using terminal, edit the following file in;


Add this simple line of code; visible: false to line 7, so it looks like this;

import QtQuick 2.0
import Sailfish.Silica 1.0
import Sailfish.Weather 1.0

Row {
    id: root
    visible: false     `<---------adding the line of code here`

    property alias weather: savedWeathersModel.currentWeather
    property alias autoRefresh: savedWeathersModel.autoRefresh
    property alias active: weatherModel.active
    property alias temperatureFont: temperatureLabel.font`

Save the changes and restart lipstick with systemctl --user restart lipstick.service, the weather 'indicator' should now not be visible. Hope this helps.

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If not comfortable editing with vi, I use tIde root from openrepos... It's pretty slow on anything but small files, but works well...link text

Levone1 ( 2019-01-23 19:29:13 +0300 )edit

@Paraiso - no need to add any code, just remove one of the exclamation marks where it says; visible: !!weather and the widget is gone.

Spam Hunter ( 2019-03-08 20:30:25 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-01-23 15:03:45 +0300

atlochowski gravatar image

there is no option to do that.

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It would be great if an option would be part of one if the next releases.

wmcig ( 2019-01-23 21:46:57 +0300 )edit
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