SOLD: Xperia X with Sailfish OS (Tampere, Finland) [answered]

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SOLD: Sony Xperia X F5121 phone with Sailfish OS

Purchased from 8/2017 (receipt included)

Sailfish OS installed this week (receipt from Jolla shop available as pdf)

OS version

Used daily but in good condition. There are some light scratches on the glass that came from keeping business cards in the flip case pockets. Please see photos below.

Package includes:

Graphite Black Sony Xperia X phone in original retail box.

Wave BookCase (condition ok-ish - does it's job but has lots of wear).

Sony EU USB charger (1.5A) and Sony USB to micro-USB cable.

Manual and receipts for phone + accessories.

Price: 100 €

Delivery: Hand to hand in Tampere, Finland preferred. Can ship in Finland if necessary, buyer pays the shipping costs.

Contact: email address removed



Sailfish OS




EDIT: Please also note that since this is a Sony product with the bootloader unlocked for Sailfish OS installation, it displays this message when powering on:

EDIT Feb 8th: Phone and accessories have been sold.

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Damn, I would've bought this right away from you since I live in Tampere but I've already have my Xperia XA2 holding for Sailfish 3 :D. Got my own Xperia X broken last summer.

Sakke ( 2019-01-31 07:18:55 +0300 )edit