Problem with android calendar apps

asked 2019-02-03 10:53:51 +0300

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I just changed from andoid to Sailfish and I try to get my calendar working. I managed to sync the preinstalled jolla calendar with my google calendar, but I was not able to to the same with andoid calendars from the android store. The preinstalled calendar is ok, but there is missing a weekly overwiev. Can you tell me when this feature is added? Or can you tell me how to sync other apps from the android store with my google calendar?

Best Regards Urmel aka Helge

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Welcome Urmel!! :-D

You used the (aptoide) store from the jolla store? Which app? (I found several there.) Which device you have? You sync with CalDav path ""? You saw the "Google Calendar" in the store? Maybe something for you.

I tried to reproduce your problem with Simple Calendar Pro from F-Droid store on my XA2. To sync my nextcloud calendar, failed as well (couldn't even open the CalDav settings). But I can't say if that is an issue of the app or a general android-support problem.

week-by-week view is already discussed here link text Mention the date of that post! I wouldn't wait for Jolla to add that feature. ;)

1984 ( 2019-02-03 12:51:29 +0300 )edit

Hi 1984, thanks for your reply.

Sorry I missed some information, I am just a "normal user" and not a techi.

I use a Sony XA2 I flashed yesterday with the new X Beta. When you flash it there is a app just called "calendar" that is preinstalled. I synced it with my google calendear just like this:

After I recognized, that a crucial feature is missing I downloaded several programs from the google store: google calendar, jorte, acalendar etc.. Everything with the same result, I could not sync my google calendar, no appointment could be seen, the schedule was empty. The question is: How can I connect/sync to my google calendar?

I want to get rid of google anyway in the future, so when anybody knows a good calendar app that is cloud based and works with sailfish OS, pls let me know!

Thanks for your help Urmel

Urmel ( 2019-02-03 14:55:38 +0300 )edit

Look in f-droid (rather than yalp) for calendars

rfa ( 2019-02-04 04:41:37 +0300 )edit

@Urmel I gave it another try with etar-calendar from F-Droid, but no chance to sync it with CalDav. I hoped together with DAVx⁵ might change something, but no. You might get lucky when Android-Support leaves the Beta status soon.

For me the week-view isn't a crucial feature, so I stay with the native calendar. I'm happy with nextcloud running on the server. Rich of features you will know from google (cloud, mail, calendar, polls, news, talks,...). But I can't really compare, cause I never used google products with an account.

Disroot claims for them self that "Our tools should be open, decentralized, federated and respectful towards freedom and privacy." I went for years now with them and I do not miss something. But the choice is yours! ;)

1984 ( 2019-02-04 21:13:27 +0300 )edit

@rfa Could be nice with a lil explanation for new once, why F-Droid is the better choice. ;) Cause of opensource policy from F-Droid?

1984 ( 2019-02-04 21:15:59 +0300 )edit