Telegram android waiting for connection

asked 2019-02-04 10:20:30 +0300

Vlad gravatar image

hi since this morning the telegram android stops working. It says waiting for network the app "Fahrinfo" behaves strange as well how a can debug the android enviroment or get log messages?

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Are you in Russia? If so, I recomend using a proxy. They are still trying to block it here, and sometimes it works.

butler ( 2019-02-04 16:56:49 +0300 )edit

I don't know much about those apps, but I think your question about logs is a good one. I would guess you could get Android logs through the Sailfish layer, since I don't know if you can really access Android with adb... I have read on TMO about someone getting temp Android root on a Sailfish phone, so maybe possible to grant permissions to a logcat app, but not sure....

Levone1 ( 2019-02-04 19:14:38 +0300 )edit

no Germany it is even worse :( with wifi everthing works fine with mobile data no connection this is valid for a lot of apps i will open a new thread and make a list :(

Vlad ( 2019-02-04 19:35:00 +0300 )edit

How come this was closed as duplicate, when there's no link to the original?

Tanghus ( 2019-12-01 00:41:55 +0300 )edit