[XperiaX] Sound volume strange behaviour caused by earphone jack

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Two days ago my Xperia X ( started behaving strange in the volumesettings while listening to music. While in my pocket suddenly a track got paused or the volume got up and down. Then sometimes a track got changed in the middle. I found out it was not a specific behaviour caused by an app. I rotated the earphone plug 360° and there it was: sound volume up and down, music got paused... when i stopped rotating the weired behaviour stopped.

So now putting the phone back in the pocket is not an option anymore, if i want to listen to something... :-(( (I am not yet ready to buy bluetooth erphones because of the stil beta status of the BT connectivity (no offence to the working comunity, you guys rock!...)

It looks like its a hardware issue with the earphone jack. I cleaned it already with a needle to get the dust fibres out, but no change happened.

Has anybody experienced something simmilar?

Any ideas? Maybe some softwaretrick?

The Xperia X has pretty crapy hardware I must say (changed already the camera module), or maybe I just got a so called "monday-product"...

Edit: after I already replaced the camera module in the past, I decided not to also replace the earphone component... and waste even more money. I instead ordered the XA2... now I hope Sony did not F... up the production on that specific device!

by the way: i tried several bluetooth headphones and everyone of them had a laggy sound transmission. So that is also not an option.

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With a native music app like 'Muuzik!' BT qualitiy is OK for me on my Xperia X - but it really sucks with android apps like soundcloud. The sound quality of SFOS isn't good in general and in my opinion there isn't an extreme difference between cable and BT - it will never be like the music quality from an iphone for example. Maybe you can try a BT headset from a friend or in a shop first and decide if BT isn't an option.

h.berd ( 2019-02-06 00:04:55 +0300 )edit

I had an awful experience with audio jack and the phone - it started long before the upgrade to There was a solution for me: https://together.jolla.com/question/197811/35mm-audio-connector-not-working-on-xa2/

Now each time I plug in the jack in the car and there is no sound I run the script and it is there. However it is not likely related with your problem.

What I am thinking is that in the female jack there is a sense key - if you move the jack the phone registers unplug phones and switches to some other audio profile. When switching it pauses the player. It is just a theory, but you can try with other headphones (jack)

And BT can be a pain with Sailfish X - I can second this - just view my posts on the topic. I have N9 with bluez4. My wife uses Intex Sailfish with bluez4 - it is a charm ... this bluez5 is still not mature in Sailfish especially in combination with pulseaudio and gstreamer. I think, it is amazing that Jolla could even make it work so good :) - respect, but still these little problems compared to N9, the features I lost .... it makes life much harder, but again thanks God Jolla is around, because I do not see any alternatives.


deloptes ( 2019-02-06 01:24:27 +0300 )edit

I had hardware problem with my earphone jack. It didn't detect the plug easily and it often stopped playing because it thought the plug was removed. I turned the phone in and got the jack replaced for free even though I had SF OS installed. But I got a noticed from the shop when I got the phone back that the warranty for the mother board was no longer valid since I replaced the OS.

1chb ( 2019-02-09 01:53:16 +0300 )edit