Android Apps can`t get access to the storage

asked 2019-02-07 14:08:58 +0200

Stanislav1988 gravatar image


I discover something strange, when I make modyfied system.img with OpenGapps (and Google Play Services work) I install some apps (Google Music) too, and after Login into my account, I dont why I dont see my playlist and albums etc. Now I see that maybe this is because Google Music cant get access (permissions was granded after first start ) into storage even Music directory (in Android_Storage) I tried copy files from linux into Music directory but I get message that files exist (like nameofsong (null) ) do you want overwrite a file? After click yes, next message said "cant get access". Then I used filemanager and enable show hidden file option and I saw that in music directory I had some files but with 0 bytes, so I think that not all android apps can write or read a data or files from memory

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