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phone calls no sound

asked 2019-02-07 22:09:55 +0200

elkiaer gravatar image

updated 2019-02-08 09:51:45 +0200

I'm just writing this if outher gets the sane issue as I have.

If there is no sound and the person on the other end can hear anything during a phone call, then stop the call and turn of the Android support in the settings. This will bring back the sound :-)

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Which device do you use? XA2?

h.berd ( 2019-02-08 00:13:01 +0200 )edit

I have added it in the Tags.

elkiaer ( 2019-02-08 09:52:20 +0200 )edit

Also had this issue once, reboot fixed it. Not sure if this is related to the general bubbyness of the ofono, which causes the loss of network also at some times. Possible fixed are reboot, flight mode on/off (lost BT once when doing that). Haven't tried turning AD on/off.

raketti ( 2019-02-08 10:30:04 +0200 )edit

Maybe it's caused by the proximity sensor issue. If the proximity sensor fails to disable the touch screen, you may disable your microphone with your ear. Happened to me a few times already.

SagaciousT ( 2019-02-08 11:24:32 +0200 )edit

@SagaciousT, if you are referring to an accidental use of the pulley menu to mute or putting the call to hold - then this is not about that. This is simply an issue with audio not routed to the speaker.

raketti ( 2019-02-08 12:04:35 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-02-08 09:04:36 +0200

MickyH gravatar image

Same problem with my phone(Sony Experia XA2 single SIM) and I don't have the alien-dalvik support, because I use the free version of sfos (

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First time I had this issue I restarted the phone and that did solve it. Here last time a restart was not enough but the stop of the alien-dalvik did solve it.

elkiaer ( 2019-02-08 09:59:41 +0200 )edit
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