Bug: suddenly main speaker was used instead of headset out

asked 2014-01-26 23:15:21 +0300

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  1. I was listening to Cutespotify music in the car using headset out cable. Everything was fine for the several songs, volume was at maximum I think
  2. Then suddenly in the middle of a song, phone started playing sound on the main speaker (same song, no notification sounds) and.. that was loud, fortunately I was not driving at that moment
  3. Half a second later music continued on the headset output as it should

I am not sure whether phone received any notifications at that moment. I am sure there were no incoming calls or SMSes and the "Silence sounds" was OFF.

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I tried testing it by disconnecting cable for real - that stopped the music, did not put it to main phone speaker. Phone was connected to car stereo via the headset out cable.

Artem ( 2014-01-27 06:33:36 +0300 )edit

Reproduced it yesterday on This time it was during driving, but fortunately phone was not too loud, so everything went safe. Cables were well inserted and I tried moving cables after the accident, disconnecting them a little and connecting back - never had similar effect. Makes me suspect cable contact is not related, should be a software bug.

Artem ( 2014-02-05 01:28:01 +0300 )edit

And happened a couple of times today as well. Is really annoying especially when other passengers see that Jolla is not able to play music reliably.. One thing that I noticed today was that sound started going through phone speakers when Connection dialog was shown. So possibly it's Notification sound event that starts routing everything to main phone speaker. Possibly CuteSpotify uses resources incorrectly.

Artem ( 2014-02-10 00:43:29 +0300 )edit