Update E-mail password via the command line

asked 2019-02-17 13:20:33 +0200

NikosAlexandris gravatar image


is there a way to edit the passwords for incoming and outgoing E-mail accounts, via the command line?

The GUI seems not to work: there is no obvious way to save edits in an existing E-mail account. And I don't want to reload manually thousands of past messages.

Thank you

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You don't need to explicitly save changed settings. Settings are automatically saved when returning from server settings to the account view.

Fuzzillogic ( 2019-02-17 13:32:51 +0200 )edit

I tried that already, before posting. It did not work. I will retry. Obviously, this is not good UX.

NikosAlexandris ( 2019-02-17 17:06:49 +0200 )edit

it's working as this in every Sailfish App. Sailfish does not use Save Buttons. But! The E-Mail Password Settings are in fact buggy/not working correctly.. it just does not update the password as it should do.

jayki ( 2019-02-17 17:30:19 +0200 )edit