[Bug] Remorse timer in Ambience gallery does not work

asked 2014-01-27 09:39:50 +0300

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updated 2014-07-28 11:02:15 +0300

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  1. Open gallery

  2. Select Ambience

  3. Tap on an ambience to open it

  4. Select "Remove ambience" pulley menu

  5. Remorse timer starts countdown

  6. Before remorse timer reaches zero, swipe right to go back to the list of ambiences (the view you see after performing step #2 above).

The ambience you selected for deletion is immediately gone (even before remorse timer has reached zero).

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What is wrong with this behavior? If you deleted, you deleted -- remorse timer only offers you the option to retrieve it from the waste bin in case you are remorsing. (I do not know, how it is done in other apps, at least it should be consistent.)

jgr ( 2014-01-27 12:54:18 +0300 )edit