[Bug] Contacts: Unable to crop a bigger image as avatar

asked 2019-02-25 23:46:12 +0300

Alex gravatar image


The contacts app is unable to properly handle 'big' images (actually the images are a standard format nowadays) while cropping/setting an avatar image.

Affected devices and versions

I discovered this bug on Sailfish OS running on Xperia XA2.

How to reproduce

  1. Create a new contact in the native people app
  2. Click on the avatar to set a new picture
  3. Select an image that e.g. has been taken with a good (smartphone) camera. I tested it with an image of the size 4224x5632 that has been taken with a Huawei P20 (front camera: 24 MP).
  4. Result: On the cropping screen you will get just a black screen. Sometimes you will see a part of the image after zooming out of the picture. The picture is enlarged like 100% and it is not possible to zoom out.
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