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Jolla Maps availability on Sailfish X

asked 2019-03-02 14:26:05 +0300

Guillaume L. gravatar image


Jolla Maps was a very decent (and native) software for maps and navigation. Given that Android apps are still in beta mode for Sailfish X on the Sony XA2 devices, is there any plans to make Jolla Maps available for Sailfish X?



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Puremaps from Openrepos is better, althoigh it is technically possible to run Jolla maps on Xperia...

lispy ( 2019-03-02 14:29:40 +0300 )edit

I agree with @lispy, Pure Maps is excellent. You can find it here:

nthn ( 2019-03-02 14:38:12 +0300 )edit

I haven't been able to install Puremaps from Openrepos (install error) even though I enabled Third party apps install :-(

Guillaume L. ( 2019-03-03 12:09:59 +0300 )edit

Install Storeman first and then install Puremaps from this Store ;)

jayki ( 2019-03-03 15:25:10 +0300 )edit

I did and it worked. Thanks :-)

Still think it's too bad that the Jolla Maps are not available straight from the official Jolla App Store though. It's a good app and it would be easier for less technical users to install it and use it.

Guillaume L. ( 2019-03-04 12:58:47 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-03-02 15:28:04 +0300

ricardo gravatar image

I have Maps running on my Xperia, copied from my original Jolla phone. Runs fine and quite useful but have also installed OpenStreetMap Scout Server, Pure Maps for navigation (turn by turn) and lastly Mimic for voice prompts when driving. All available from OpenRepos. Hugely impressed with the setup, nothing Android running and download of maps supported for offline navigation. Online nav works also. Don't use Jolla Maps any more...might even consider retiring the trusty N9 now with the fantastic Here Maps :-)

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How do you extract Sailfish native app packs?

Guillaume L. ( 2019-03-17 00:33:59 +0300 )edit


would also be interested to know how one can extract the jolla maps pack, for using it on xperia devices...

thnx, in advance ☺

santeira ( 2019-03-29 02:43:46 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-03-29 03:37:44 +0300

santeira gravatar image

...replying to myself, hope this is ok?...

Guillaume, i can just assume that you can't speak/read german? I got a "how to" from this german site,...thanks to cvp/chris, btw. It's his site, all credits belong to him.

So, from these commands did the trick in my case. (I've a jolla1 from which i can extract the packages and an active jolla account which seems necessary for the process.)

pkcon download /home/nemo/ sailfish-maps

pkcon download /home/nemo/ sailfish_maps_all_translations_pack (not possible in my case, but installation works nonetheless.)

Then i transferred the rpm from my jolla1 to my xperia x via Bluetooth.

And as final step, installed the rpm.

Hope this works for you, also.

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Hello Santeira, I actually can read German :-) Thanks for the explanations and the URL. I will follow these steps and get Jolla Maps on my Sony. Still think it's more reliable than Puremaps.

Guillaume L. ( 2019-04-14 14:49:02 +0300 )edit

@santeira I tried the process but it tells me it cannot find "/home/nemo/sailfish-maps"

Guillaume L. ( 2019-05-18 16:35:58 +0300 )edit
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