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How to set the standard background behaviour for super apps?

asked 2019-03-03 22:42:50 +0300

jsommer gravatar image

i realised, that the backgound behaviour of a native Sailfish app as a super app is different:

  1. If I swipe to the super app, the background is fully transparent, that the content is difficult to read.
  2. As soon I tak on the app, the background becomes almost black.

I assume, this is a bug, becuase this feature might has been developed for Android apps and was not tested for native apps. Has someone an idea how to set the default behaviour or at least a void the fully transparent background?

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answered 2019-03-07 16:47:02 +0300

jsommer gravatar image

As a workaround for this bug I found a solution for the fully transparent background after swiping to the super app. I have to wrap the main component of a page in a Ractangle.

Rectangle {
    anchors.fill: parent
    color: Theme.rgba(Theme.darkPrimaryColor, Theme.highlightBackgroundOpacity)
    SilicaListView {

Unfortunately this doesn't solve the black background instead of default translucent default background, if the super app is active. It looks like a Nemo Mobile app.

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