Any way to allow Android app to use USB flash drive

asked 2019-03-09 10:35:34 +0300

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there's an Android app that has export-to-USB functionality and I'd like to use that app in my Jolla products (XperiaX/Jolla tablet). The problem with that is that when using the app in either of those the app is unable to detect the USB flash drive that is connected (via OTG cable). To me this is strange since the USB flash drive can be seen and accessed from the SFOS Settings/Storage or for example with Kari's File Browser

I've tested the export-to-USB functionality on an actual Android phone and every time I connect the USB flash drive into the phone while the app is open a system message popup appears that asks: "Allow the application to access the USB device?".

What I've gathered from my tests on this issue is that it would seem that the USB flash drive can not be detected because in SFOS I'm not getting the same popup with which I could allow the app to access the drive.

I guess one question would be that is it possible in SFOS to explicitly allow (Android) apps to access USB flash memory? If yes, then how this can be done? Mind you the app itself is build in a way that there is no way for the user to change the export location.

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