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Multiple boot attempts after disconnecting charger [answered]

asked 2019-03-14 11:57:51 +0200

DaveRo gravatar image

My Jolla C was switched off overnight. I plugged it in to charge it. An hour or so later the white LED was not lit but I pulled the USB plug out to charge another device. It displayed '100%' then 'Please wait' then appeared to turn itself off (it didn't respond to tapping or swiping).

So far so good. I'm used to such a series if events: sometimes it ends up on and sometimes off; I've never discerned a pattern, so I always check if it's on or off afterwards. None of that is the reason for my question.

I pressed the power button. It burped, then briefly displayed 'Jolla', then went blank, repeated all that twice, then on the fourth attempt the 'Jolla' logo stayed and it started up.

Any idea why? Is this three failed boot attempts? I've had similar multiple boot-ups as part of an upgrade but you'd expect that. Is something failing? Was it the result of interruping charging by pulling the USB plug out? Anybody else had this?

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I do have this behaviour on my JollaC as well. Just got used to it...

peterleinchen ( 2019-03-14 22:30:47 +0200 )edit

I have noticed similar effect with Intex Aqua Fish. I think it's due to bad connection somewhere. Bending the phone helps.

Sometimes my Intex gets stuck with black screen. Only solution for recovering is to take the battery out, put it back and the switch the phone on again. I live in very bad cell coverage, thus phone uses a lot of TX power.. -> bad connection -> no enough current for some crucial component -> stuck.

MRI-xa2 ( 2019-03-14 22:42:15 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-03-15 08:49:47 +0200

spiiroin gravatar image

There is some hard to reproduce and thus unfixed timing hiccup early in Jolla C bootup.

Some more info at:

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And I see I'd already commented in that thread - I'd forgotten. I'll stop worryjng about it.

Only 3 burps this morning :)

DaveRo ( 2019-03-15 09:15:36 +0200 )edit

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