One Jolla account to rule them all (not working!)

asked 2019-03-27 10:15:08 +0300

Piotr gravatar image

I have Jolla1 and XA2, both connected to one Jolla account. As XA2 has some minor issues I've followed a guide to login at my jolla account and enable developer updates (3.0.2 Oulanka fixed some of them!).

So far so good. :)

My Jolla1 about a week ago was happy to announce that it has brand new update (3.0.2 Oulanka).

Still so far so good. ;)

My XA2 at still says "sorry, no updates for you".

HELP! :)

(simple way, maybe, would be to make two accounts for both phones, but I consider this a bug)

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