[XA2] "Sticky" prediction on Android apps [duplicate]

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This might have been present on 3.0.1, but I'm not sure, so I'm not marking it.

How to reproduce:

  • Install an Android app and enter text with prediction enabled
  • I use Opera browser and TJC comment box as an example ;)
  • Select an empty field to type in
  • Type "Mary had a little lamb" and don't enter dot or space; the word remains underlined and prediction is active
  • Click the cursor to beginning of "little"
  • Type "fluffy "

What is expected:

  • "Mary had a fluffy little lamb"

What happens instead:

  • "Mary had a little lambfluffy "

Needless to say, this really drives me up the wall (:

If I type space and backspace, and then relocate the cursor, the issue does not occur. The same happens if I type a dot or a space. So it looks like to be an error in the predictive text side of things, somewhere...


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Thanks, I couldn't find any of those questions before. I'll pick one and close this one as a duplicate.

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