Sailfish support for Gemini PDA accessories (HDMI out, Ethernet-dongle)?

asked 2019-04-06 18:02:06 +0300

MystIsland gravatar image

The Gemini PDA has some accessories in their shop, including an USB-C to HDMI output cable and an USB-C USB dock with Ethernet. I bought these along with my PDA. Can these be used in any way under current Sailfish OS?

I guess they would work with Debian, but currently the Plant Computers partitioning tool doesn't allow putting "Sailfish OS (Commercial edition)" as they call it alongside with Debian onto the device, so I can't test it (also I wouldn't like to delete my current Sailfish setup just to reflash with Debian).

Ideally I would love to be able to use wired ethernet with the Gemini (at work doing network installations, to avoid carrying laptop around), also the abiilty to display the screen over HDMI would be very nice.

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Hello MistIsland, if you will try debian along with SailfishX commercial take a look here:

gabs5807 ( 2019-04-07 13:53:20 +0300 )edit

I have several Sailfish OS devices from Jolla 1 to Xperia X and I like the OS. I also have the Gemini and have backed the Cosmo, but at the moment I'm not sure whether Sailfish is the way to go with these.

As of now, the offering to get the commercial version seems not too attractive. For everyday usage a device like the Gemini or the Cosmo needs to be viable as mobile phone as well as productivity device. At the moment the commercial Sailfish lacks the mobile/Android and the productivity parts. (With productivity I mean to be able to compile and use Linux desktop applications, optionally with external mouse and/or screen.) With the community version, the workaround is to have a triple-boot setup, but I doubt that this will attract too many people. I would expect the most people to stick to Android and maybe some use Debian or Kali in addition to a mobile phone.

It would really be good to have something like a Sailfish-for-Gemini roadmap, even if this disappoints people's expectations.

Dietmar ( 2019-04-07 18:21:42 +0300 )edit