[BUG] xperia x upgrade to Camera brightness to high

asked 2019-04-08 10:46:13 +0200

riBoon gravatar image

updated 2019-04-09 12:22:56 +0200

Camera does working very well before upgrade.

After Upgrade from to the camera makes pictures where brightness is to high. I have set all at "Auto" like before the upgrade but now its like I do a photo against the sun. (but today there is no sun here)

Do someone else have the same problem? Is there a way to solve this? Is this bug known?

Thanks for your help.

Here is a example picture: 20190406_131026.jpg

exif data for that picture 20190406_131026_exifdata.txt

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please gives phone name for better understanding.
I have a xa2-plus and it works well with the luminosity.
How is your luminosity parametrized ? if it's maximum and the reflection from object is high, maybe you should reduce it. By the luminosity wasn't well controlled from software, now is better. maybe it is an exercise to do on your side.... Make good photos is not really trivial (and i'm not a reference for it...).

cemoi71 ( 2019-04-09 11:25:51 +0200 )edit

Thanks for your input. Oh my good, I feal like a noob. I had indeed set the luminosity at max. by mistake.

Sorry, this is really stupid. I should better learn how to use the phone.

Didn't see that to set the luminosity I have to drag the +/- Symbol down - I ever ask me how I can change the setting

riBoon ( 2019-04-09 12:28:52 +0200 )edit