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[bug] email trash folder will restore deleted emails

asked 2019-04-18 21:04:06 +0300

Dakon gravatar image

updated 2019-04-18 23:19:09 +0300

I have deleted (i.e. moved to trash) several mails on my phone. When I now go to my IMAP account with another client and delete all contents of the trash folder all the mails deleted on the phone will show up again after a while. I can't get rid of them remotely, I have the same deleted mails (some of them from 2017!) showing up again and again. And by again and again I saidly mean not only "every time again", but also "some of them a dozen times at once".

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answered 2019-04-18 23:13:19 +0300

updated 2019-04-18 23:14:31 +0300

I just struggled with the same issue, just one account (gmx imap), all others okay. I do have this from time to time, no idea why and then it is gone or keeps bugging me for longer. No restarting of mail app, killing it, rebooting does help.

Today I searched a bit and found this which does mot match at all. But the last post reminded me that I have 'Deleted Items' (mails deleted on phone) and 'Gelöscht' (on server side). So I went ahead and deleted all items in 'Deleted Items' ( which I did before to no avail) AND deleted all from 'Gelöscht'. And presto: no more self-restoring of those on-phone-deleted mails.

tldr: check for another folder named like trash, deleted, gelöscht on server and clean this, too...

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I only ever had one folder, but you pointed me in the right direction: I went to the webmail and emptied the trash folder. Then I took the Jolla and deleted all mail from the trash folder (this was no joy) and it seems this has helped. At least for now.

Dakon ( 2019-04-19 23:31:24 +0300 )edit

@Dakon: No joy because you deleted each email separately? You can Select emails from the pulley menu and then Select all from the pulley menu again and hit the trash icon to get rid of all emails in that folder at once.

Pohli ( 2019-09-10 18:44:11 +0300 )edit

Which still means I have to select every one by hand as I can't just press Ctrl-A or something like that.

Dakon ( 2019-09-10 23:44:30 +0300 )edit

Ah no, c'mon.
Two times pulley menu, one button.
first: select mails - second: select all - third: push bin - Done.

peterleinchen ( 2019-09-11 00:08:16 +0300 )edit

Oh, there is a select all? Indeed, nicely hidden.

Dakon ( 2019-09-12 22:06:12 +0300 )edit
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