JP1 update to Oulanka failed [answered]

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Hi, I tried to update my good old JP1 to Oulanka but update didn't go well. The installation looked fine but when I reboot the phone the OS is stuck on wallpaper. The phone loads the wallpaper without any menu control (no top menu, no option to go to events or app grid) so I cannot do anything. When I long press the power button the menu appears for a second and phone turns off.
Do you have any ideas how to save the phone? Thanks

Edit: I managed to reset factory settings via recovery mode.

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do you use patches that you forgot to remove? of maybe for sone obscure reasons, some package didn't install correctly.

Can you access the phone SSH over the USB cable? otherwise, it should be possible to boot inti recovery mide, connect to the telnet server over USB cable, and chroot into your systrm. (but that will require quite some command-line hacking).

Is there someone fluent in Linux nearby you that could helo p you around?

I think watching the logs for unusual error message woul be important.

Also simply checking that there is enough free space and that the btrfs partition is balanced (and converted to single instead of dup). if the writes fail (due to full partition, or no available chunk) it might cause the behaviour.

if you use recovery mode DO NOT run the file system repair/recovery option! it will only break your filesystem.

DrYak ( 2019-04-23 14:15:40 +0300 )edit

@DrYak Thank you for your answer. Yes, I removed all patches before I started the update but who knows what happened. I'll try to connect via USB when I get home (my pc in work doesn't work because of no admin rights). I found the guide on jolla.zendesk for recovery mode which hopefully will be foolproof enough so I can use it.

sepuka ( 2019-04-23 14:33:49 +0300 )edit