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[Xperia X] Resetting device does not give access to the latest update [answered]

asked 2019-04-28 09:46:14 +0300

jimjamz gravatar image

I was on 3.0.2 (Oulanka) and after resetting my device (due to network issues), I have now been reverted back to 2.1 (Kymijoki). Now I have access to the Internet, the Jolla Store only gives me access to (Mouhijoki). I don't want to have to iterate through multiple updates to get to the latest version. This makes the device more susceptible to bugs and conflicts introduced in those updates, with a large proportion of those issues still unresolved.

Is the only other solution to wait for the 3.0.3 (Hossa) image to be available from the Jolla Store and flash it directly?

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answered 2019-04-28 12:19:42 +0300

updated 2019-04-28 17:04:52 +0300

olf gravatar image

You must iterate as there are some 'stop releases' you need to install before the next version upgrade! Search for above keywords and you will find answers on tjc as well as tmo. Furthermore there is an application on openrepos (sfos-upgrade) which may guide you.

If you are on 2.xxx and do not get offered a new version to upgrade to, then it is likely due to a not complete/failed upgrade? Update manually via cli: version --dup and/or if you are hazardousu: ssu re .....

Or as you said wait for flash file and you go directly to latest version.

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As SailfishOS is a stop release (and 2.1.3 is installed), the behaviour observed by @jimjamz is the expected and correct one.

@jimjamz, can you please close this question, if the answers provided are sufficient for you.

olf ( 2019-04-28 17:09:09 +0300 )edit

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