PowerDVD Remote app not working on Xperia XA2 []

asked 2019-05-01 17:11:20 +0300

goldenm gravatar image

I have successfully flashed my Sony Xperia XA2 to Sailfish (Hossa) and I've managed to get almost everything working; I'm currently testing it and trying to make it a phone that I can use daily (so that it works as well or better than my Xperia X with Sailfish).

However Android app "PowerDVD Remote" which uses WLAN connection to find my Windows PC from same network (to remotely control my PC / PowerDVD) doesn't seem to work.

The app itself installs fine > it gets started > it finds my PC and asks for passcode from PowerDVD app. I can input the passcode but the connection doesn't ever get established. It knows if I enter wrong passcode (asks to try again), but doesn't go further if I enter the correct passcode.

It's not a firewall issue on my PC's side because it's working fine on Xperia X / Sailfish (phones have WLAN IP addresses next to each other). On Xperia X it works 100%; I can't re-install, re authenticate it and it just works, can't get it broken on XperiaX.

Have there been other issues with WLAN / Android connections? Doesn't seem that robust to me yet. Anyone else who could test this with PowerDVD?

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