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Bricked Intex Aqua Fish after failed update to Sailfish OS 3 [answered]

asked 2019-05-10 11:45:16 +0300

Phragmites gravatar image

updated 2019-05-10 11:47:37 +0300

I wanted to update my Intex Aqua Fish to Sailfish OS 3 using

ssu re
version --dup

The update wend well (no error reported), but the phone was bit lagging (this was solved by cache cleanup), the phone was working well, but it started to show update to version Sailfish OS 2, which was very weird. Otherwise, everything was fully working.

I tried the above commands once more, it failed with error about inconsistency of cache and possible breakup to the system. I performed factory reset, it hanged forever (several hours), there was no progress. I rebooted and since then the phone doesn't boot.

It show message that I should connect it to the computer (I use Linux) and run telnet, but it doesn't work (phone's network interface is correctly detected, network is running well), connection times out.

Is there now any way how to flash the system and unbrick the device?

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answered 2019-05-10 12:28:44 +0300

monkeyisland gravatar image

updated 2019-05-10 12:36:03 +0300

Hi there i hope you had first make your Aqua Fish think its Jolla C like here.

AquaFish like JollaC

test it with sudo telnet

and do option factory reset

When not possible you evtl. bricked the device then you need to reflash the device.

Get Firmware here : AquaFish Stock rom

You need also Qualcomm Flashtool here are instructions to flash under Windows : Instructions

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Thank You. Hm, I didn't run that script. :-( Sudo doesn't make any difference. I have Windows only in VirtualBox, I hope it would work (I'll be able to try this after weekend). I had to find Windows computer, but I managed it to flash the ROM and unbrick the device. Thank You!

Phragmites ( 2019-05-10 12:41:55 +0300 )edit

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