HowTo: Fingerterm Hellenic (Greek) layout

asked 2019-05-11 22:05:02 +0300

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As I noticed, in FingerTerm there wasn't any Greek/ Hellenic layout. I made one:

A simple way to install it:

cd ~/.config/FingerTerm curl > hellenic.layout

Now in FingerTerm you just have to go to "paramaters->VKB layout..." and select "hellenic".

Links that helped me:

The FingerTerm layouts are in /usr/share/fingerterm/data/ directory. It worked flawlessly to locate my layout in nemo config directory (Sailfish version

It is based on finnish layout. As I noticed, punctuation like normal (or even SailFishOS) keyboard didn't work, so I added an extra line after the last one, with all combinations of punctuation. - if you have any other idea of how to make it work better, please let me know. When you press 'Shift' you have the capital letters.

I added also Euro character (€), 4th line, 2nd key from right. Finally I made the Space key from 3keys-size to 4 -you can use this "extra" key for any other character/ functionality if you need.

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I installed it on my Jolla C ( using curl as suggested.

The semicolon on the 3rd row displays q The comma on the 5th row didplays ö

Is there a way of generating e.g. control-c without changing to English?

Seeing this I wondered how you get diacritics with, say, the French VKB. How would you do, say, á? Is there a deadkey somewhere?

DaveRo ( 2019-05-12 09:34:01 +0300 )edit

@DaveRo I updated the keyboard, please feel free to test it again. Fixed the two keys, added a "DEL" button and also a "C" english character, for Control-C as you suggested.

nas ( 2019-05-13 22:47:18 +0300 )edit

That looks OK.

It was idle curiosity on my part. The only time I need a Greek keyboard is to translate things - like Cosmote SMSes. I can't really think of a use for a Greek terminal keyboard; editing in vi? Filenames or passwords in Greek in a shell?

I and my phone are sailing in the Ionian next week. I'll try and find a use for it ;)

DaveRo ( 2019-05-14 10:39:34 +0300 )edit

@DaveRo I suppose you don't need FingerTerm greek layout to translate SMSes ;) But indeed, few times I needed to rename a file that I had just downloaded, with Greek filename and I couldn't. Maybe it could be useful for developers / sysadms for remote file editing (as I was doing using my Nokia N900).

Also, since you gave me the idea, here is your french layout:

Even more bulky, but it has all characters!

Enjoy your sailing at Ionian Islands, this time of year temperature is nice (you may have some rain), and not a lot of people yet. Watch out your mobile, last summer when I visited Lefkada, my new XperiaX phone swam in my pocket with me :(

nas ( 2019-05-14 22:45:48 +0300 )edit

At least mobile reception should be OK in the Ionian:

That's an N810 I'm peering at. Not sure which Nokia the phone is.

DaveRo ( 2019-05-14 23:44:17 +0300 )edit