Manual SFOS backup to recover Android gone bad

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Hi guys,

I've found a corner-case with the Android support and I'm trying to see if I can find a reproducible case. Most of my apps are native SFOS but I still have Firefox and 4 others that are Android. That's why it would be great to manually recover my email configuration, caldav and carddav maybe from the command line.

Issue is that I always need to resort to factory reset to fix this issue ( and From clean all runs well, then at some point, one of the Android apps getting installed crashes. At this point the Android support keeps rebooting and no app can be launched successfully for a while. (the screen backlight goes off and sometimes it comes back...). Then one detail is that the last app I've tried to install has all wrong metadata (from Pref. -> Apps -> Phonetrack, the counters for Total, App, Data, Cache, where all out of range numbers negative values of 9 digits, all wrong basically)

From that point on the android system had no way to work. Apps crashed after 10s, on wifi or LTE. Restart of the android support occurred constantly, battery drain was very fast... Removing the Android support and reinstalling it didn't make it work. Removing all Android apps, neither... so at this point is either remove altogether the Android support and use only SFOS or factory reset and re-configure all accounts and apps (both SFOS and android)

I was using f-droid market and the last app in question was :
and prior to that:

Not sure if they require GServices or some other support that the AOSP lacks... but this has happened before with other set of apps.

Device: XA2 Plus Dual SIM Version:

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