[selling] Xperia XA2 Ultra for sale - SFOS

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i sell my almost unused XA2 Ultra with SFOS installed. The reason for selling it is simple: it's too big for me. I wanted to give it a shot, however, I am not confortable with such a big phone. So, I have decided to get a XA2, which is much more similar to the X.

I bought it in January iat Media Markt in Spain for 280€ and has been always used with a -high quality- protective case (https://www.amazon.de/TUDIA-Xperia-Ultra-Slim-Fit-Schutzh%C3%BClle-Matte-Black/dp/B07BD1XFSX/). So, there is still a lot of valid warranty time :-)

The SFOS license (which enables Android support) is not included since I have transferred it to my new XA2.

I sell it for 240€ (insured shipping included within the UE), since I live in Germany, selling location is Germany.

I can provide pictures, if needed.

Best regards, Fabio

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Surely you mean the Sailfish license?

Keeper-of-the-Keys ( 2019-05-14 23:56:29 +0300 )edit

@Keeper-of-the-Keys: You are right. Already edited.

lupastro ( 2019-05-15 07:12:49 +0300 )edit