HowTo: Fingerterm french layout (azerty)- full characters

asked 2019-05-14 22:25:37 +0200

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As I noticed, in FingerTerm french layout didn't have all characters. I made one:

A simple way to install it:

cd ~/.config/FingerTerm;
curl > french_full.layout

Now in FingerTerm you just have to go to "paramaters->VKB layout..." and select "french_full".

Links that helped me:

The FingerTerm layouts are in /usr/share/fingerterm/data/ directory. It worked flawlessly to locate my layout in nemo config directory (Sailfish version

It is based on french layout. Characters were missing, so I added two extra lines after the last one, with all combinations of punctuation. When you press 'Shift' you have the capital letters. I added also Euro character (€), 8th line, 1nd key from right. Finally I added a SpaceBar 3keys-size at 7th line. In 8th line there is an empty key -you can use this "extra" key for any other character/ functionality if you need by editing the file.

The format of the file is pretty simple, and easily to modify at your needs.

If you have any corrections/ suggestions, please let me know.

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