Microsoft exchange not syncronizing

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Not a deal breaker, but my hotmail (in Microsoft exchange account) is not syncing at all. normal mail does the job. but if I'd depend on this... I'd say i just threw away 30 euros to the garbage... could've used em for food or some s#@+. really, sometimes disappointing. at the beginning it worked, somehow along the way nothing. tried several settings and nothing . y'all got me really thinking on going back to iOS or Android for the sake of certain basic needs .

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Well, it would quite help if you would share some information on your configuration etc.

bomo ( 2019-05-17 08:51:16 +0300 )edit

Certainly. I do apologize. Due to the frustration I didn't even explained myself clearly and properly. When I configured my phone for the first time (XA2 Ultra running (HOSSA)), first thing I did was go to settings>accounts and add all the ones I needed. Everything worked out properly, got my mails & contacts synced on the phone. 3/4 days ago started noticing I did receive mails from my Gmail account, however MS exchange was empty. Logged in over the web browser to find around 45 unread mails I never received. So, I deleted the account and tried syncing again... did it like 5 times, this time seems to be working, but still worried it'll stop working out of the blue as it happened before. Please note I never meddled with the account settings nor changed anything. Please see picture for reference, that's my current configuration that got it working like 6 hrs ago.

hades01 ( 2019-05-17 18:15:11 +0300 )edit

hmmm guess I can't upload pictures yet... SMH. so this is the configuration:

email address: ** username: *
*Domain: Address: Port: 443 Secure connection: Allowed Accept untrusted certificates: Allowed

hades01 ( 2019-05-17 18:20:57 +0300 )edit

Isn't this a known issue? I suffer myself from this on Jolla C'fied Aqua Fish with Apparently once the Exchange plugin has been idling too long, or there are network changes, or something, the syncing stops happening automatically and won't happen even when tried manually. Rebooting the device fixes the issue for time being, but it'll happen again.

There are posts about the issue I believe.

And you'll get BS advice about reinstalling Exchange to fix it, if asking from Jolla, but you'll learn that's not a working solution when you do it.

teemu ( 2019-05-17 18:55:43 +0300 )edit

Thanks for your input @teemu, I did reboot the device, before deleting the account, did it like 5 times along with the manual "sync account", and sync all mail with no success. I did look through search though and found nothing on MS exchange not syncing, perhaps used wrong keywords. Anyhow, I believe this bug or issue wasn't stated on release notes. So far I read on Jolla support to tick the "accept untrusted certificates" so, I'll report if having this on helps out on something.

hades01 ( 2019-05-17 19:25:48 +0300 )edit