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Reasons to update from Xperia X to XA2?

asked 2019-05-23 20:34:26 +0300

Federico gravatar image

I use Sailfish X on an Xperia X as my main phone (calls, messages, navigation with Here Maps, Whatsapp and a few other Android apps, none with strict version requirements; no GApps). Would there be big advantages for me in upgrading to an XA2? From what I understand, the big upside is the newer Android version (as well as a newer phone, in general). The downside are various bugs, including one with the proximity sensor and various Android issues due to the newer subsystem.

What is your experience on the XA2? Would you recommend upgrading now? Or are the two almost equivalent and I can safely wait for the next device without missing a greatly improved experience?

In general, would you consider the XA2 or the Xperia X the best phone to install Sailfish OS on right now?

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Not long ago I was asking myself the same question. I was (I am still) using Xperia X with several Android apps - Here, Wire, Opera to mention some. I bought XA2 and paid for and installed Sailfish OS. I was hoping to be time proof with the newer Android, or lets say just adventurous. I knew the fingerprint is not working, no double tap to wake, no glance screen and so on. After installing Sailfish on the XA2 I found out the Wire app is unusable for voice calls, because I can not hear the other side. So I moved the sim card back to the Xperia X for easy access to the phone and usability of the apps and the features I need. And I have a brand new XA2 with Sailfish installed in the drawer :)

I would advise you to keep the Xperia X if everything you need works on the phone. The usability of Android apps on XA2 is far from what you are used to on the X (considering they still work). Also for now the XA2 misses features available on the X.

Best case scenario would be getting Android update for the Xperia X, which was promised at some point but then abandoned. So Just wait and see the progress with the XA2. Jolla might decide to move on to another device before finishing the work with the XA2 line just like they did with the X line and leave us hanging again.

777 ( 2019-05-24 08:06:06 +0300 )edit

No, the downside is a missing respect about the product-related environmental protection. The XA2 is my second phone in the smartphone era, the first was a Galaxy S4 mini. Saying I have a working Xperia X and thought about switching to XA2, gave me cancer. Sorry for the hard words, but we are doomed in this world.

samsy ( 2019-05-24 09:08:41 +0300 )edit

Lets put it this way. I have a 3/4 working Xperia X and I know it will never get to 100% because Jolla will not update Android, which I did not know when I bought Xperia X and purchased the 50 euro license. Now Jolla said they are moving to newer hardware - XA2, which is arguably better than the Xperia X. Now, I want my phone at 100%. Given the experience with Xperia X and the expectations which were not met, also considering the fact that XA2 is a 2/4 working phone at this time I will keep the Xperia X. After all XA2 might stay at 1/2 which is less than 3/4.....

777 ( 2019-05-24 18:01:11 +0300 )edit

I thought proximity sensor bug is solved by now? I'm still quite fine with my Jolla Phone and probably will be as long as it works. Too much consumption going on anyway.

Pohli ( 2019-05-25 12:30:07 +0300 )edit

the latest relese brings the two devices at the same level, plus future releases will improve the XA2 further.

pmelas ( 2019-05-26 09:47:10 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-05-23 21:20:57 +0300

Sakke gravatar image

If Xperia X is suitable for your needs at the time now, I wouldn't recommend you to upgrade it XA2 right away. As I remember my own Xperia X was much more stable than XA2 now. I'd really recommend you to wait until we've moved on the beta phase and got better stability overall.

Both phones have a quite similar specs when it comes to performance in general. I think XA2 is little faster but the bugs and some unstability lets it down sometimes. I haven't noticed any big camera improvements either. XA2 has a bigger battery but again it's eaten out quite fast. Sailfish OS itself instead works more robust on XA2 than on X. And yes, the greater Android version on XA2 is good too since you don't have issues with the common "needs higher Android version"

On the other hand, if you eager to upgrade now, don't sell or throw your Xperia X away since you could need it. What I mean is that you could buy XA2 as a second phone and try it out.

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answered 2019-05-23 20:40:43 +0300

Pliocen gravatar image

Read about the differences

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Guys, now - an year later - would you recommend the upgrade to XA2?

My Xperia X screen got cracked and I'm wondering shall I just not upgrade, after repair costs of my X are almost half the price of a second hand XA2. I heard the battery life is around 30% better on XA2. What do U think?

Are whatsapp calls now ok on the XA2?

Trial ( 2020-05-17 18:04:42 +0300 )edit
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