Double-tap to wake - use accelerometer?

asked 2019-05-31 23:33:24 +0300

Ratiodunk gravatar image

I understand that in order to recognise the double-tap to wake, the screen needs to be powered up, which reduces battery life. It may be worth considering using any built in accelerometers instead of the screen. I suspect they might draw less power, and may possibly be programmable in firmware to recognise a double-tap and send a wake-up interrupt to a processor in low-power mode.

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May be it is a good idea. But I doubt, for example, the hardware of Jolla C is wished being good. So the low-power mode is 4 cores always running at 800 MHz.

Asmir ( 2019-06-01 00:54:59 +0300 )edit

The proximity sensor then? Detecting double tap there ?

Georgi Kolev ( 2019-06-01 01:24:13 +0300 )edit

@Georgi Kolev. I think designers know exactly how double tap works

Asmir ( 2019-06-01 07:51:03 +0300 )edit