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XA2 and Viber

asked 2019-06-02 00:07:45 +0300

sistux gravatar image


Till now I found no solution to my problem.

I've installed the Viber on XA2 with

  • Chat works ok, but only if the mobile data is active.

  • Main problem is with video call. I hear the incomming ring. After accepting the call my voice is transmmited, but I hear nothing. If I made a call it is the same: my voice is transmmited, but I hear nothing.

Same without the video.

Thanks for any help and hint!

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-06-03 13:27:08 +0300

zuyev gravatar image

Good day! This problem OS for XA2. Wait for the next update.

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Asked: 2019-06-02 00:07:45 +0300

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