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xa2 stuck at sony logo [answered]

asked 2019-06-15 12:34:11 +0300

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updated 2019-06-15 12:51:05 +0300

marioGlas gravatar image

Hi there,

so I am stuck at the sony logo with my xperia xa2 single sim.

I looked at similiar topics in this forum, and wanted to flash my sony with the jolla. I got my unlock code, followed the instructions given here and tried to unlock the bootloader but i received the error: FAILED ("command not allowed")

I've read that only certain releases even have the option to unlock the bootloader. does this mean my release does not have that option? and if so, what do i do now? any advice?

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"command not allowed" may indicate that you need to enable "Allow OEM unlocking" in android's developer settings before trying to unlock the bootloader.

bomo ( 2019-06-16 13:35:08 +0300 )edit

The CDA code ("Cellular Digital Accessory") should tell for what market are your phone is customized to. The code is in form of 1312-8563 and should be on the package the phone came in. This code should tell you if unlocking is (dis)allowed.

I understand it should be only certain operators on whose devices the unlocking of the bootloader is not allowed. Apparently in these cases you should be able to install the firmware (?) of a CDA version that does have unlocking allowed on your device, and you can proceed with the unlocking after that.

Apparently this is a place where you could get another version (be sure to use correct device!):

(I have zero idea what you're actually supposed to do regarding this stuff, but the guy in the article sounded convincing.)

These guys look like they got the tool for doing it:

teemu ( 2019-06-17 23:14:32 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-07-09 15:00:28 +0300

marioGlas gravatar image

Just a little update: after I did not manage to get my xperia running again with the advice and instructions i've received from the forum here, I decided to take my chances and send in my phone to sony. sony's website points out that you loose your warranty if you unlock the bootloader and also some of you pointed out that could be a problem. but i figured I could argue I only tried to unlock it, but did actually not manage :) after all Sony sent me back my phone repaired and without any comments or complains.

So besides some lost data, all good in the end. Thanks a lot for all the input!!

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answered 2019-06-17 22:15:21 +0300

davekelly gravatar image

updated 2019-06-17 22:16:57 +0300

Did you check the phones bootloader is unlockable ??? Service menu is reached by dialling *#*#7378423#*#* then go into configuration and check that 'Bootloader unlock allowed' is : Yes

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as i said my phone was stuck in the sony loading screen. so i cannot change in the developer settings, because the phone doesn't pass the sony loading screen.

since this morning i don't even get the sony loading screen anymore. when i turn on the phone i get the message that "this device is corrupted and can not be trusted anymore. it will not boot" (not the exact words, but almost) ..and it shuts off after 5 seconds.

anyway, i decided today to send it back to sony repair as i actually still had a valid warranty. But i thought i try first myself because it s gonna take 3 weeks till it is back from the lab.

thanks for all replies, but unfortunately i was not even able to get to the "developer settings" anymore.

marioGlas ( 2019-06-17 23:41:08 +0300 )edit

answered 2019-06-18 00:06:30 +0300

Nerevareeeeeee gravatar image

updated 2019-07-08 18:50:40 +0300

A bit late, but for the sake of searching people there is an official android restore process guide available here

pre edit: As I understand you're getting standard message after unlocking bootloader (open lock icon at launch).

So your rom is probably corrupted due to unplugging during installation.

Just go through steps from guide:

  • charge your phone
  • hold volume up - plug it in
  • install driver (p. 2.1)
  • unzip SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_8.1.6.4_r1_v17_nile.img (into same folder)
  • run flash-on-windows.bat

If you're using cmd - don't run it as admin

And have a bit of patience. Installation have a few steps to it and there is a prompt to hit Enter at the end.

PS: Sony can be fussy about unlocked device. But I'm not really sure.

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ok, good to know.

but regarding your advice. does this help me if my bootloader is not unlocked? because since i get the message "command not allowed" when i run the "fastboot.exe oem unlock....". or do i interpret this wrong? and/or can i just ignore it and anyway run the flash-on-windows.bat?

marioGlas ( 2019-06-18 00:21:18 +0300 )edit

not necessary, that should be "FAILED (remote: Device already unlocked)"

check your driver (windows will install wrong one automatically)

and [your unlock code] (you can lookup IMEI on a card inside sim slot)

command should look like:

 fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x6ABC343FDCF32BC
Nerevareeeeeee ( 2019-06-18 01:04:19 +0300 )edit

yes, i used that fastboot command line with my unlock code i got with my imei number. and the message i get is "FAILED: (remote: Command not allowed)" .. that means that the bootloader is not unlocked .. (at least that's what I assume, and what others in response to my post also suggested).

i used the driver suggested from the sony website, like suggested here

marioGlas ( 2019-06-18 01:12:00 +0300 )edit

ok, so android image is safe. Try one last thing - Hold volume down and power to enter recovery and restore it. Don't skip "OEM unlocking" option next time.

Nerevareeeeeee ( 2019-06-18 01:46:17 +0300 )edit

thinking about it, if adb is on, might also give it a go ( and reboot into recovery or sideload

Nerevareeeeeee ( 2019-06-18 02:29:29 +0300 )edit

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