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Roaming not working since [] [xa2 dual]

asked 2019-06-17 21:06:54 +0300

Sé Zuo gravatar image

updated 2019-07-15 12:51:34 +0300

Hey community,

Since update from, I can only select networks from my provider (2g, 3g and 4g). There's a bunch of greyed out items, all with my network name. Sometimes, I can see another's network name, also greyed out, but it's rare.

Roaming is activated.

Does someone knows if this is known issue or if there's a fix ? While several reported network issues, I couldn't find this specific problem.

I tried to factory reset to no avail. Thinking of reinstalling Android to see if it fixes that.

Update : I went back to android to solve this issue (along with hotspot instability), on wich roaming networks where marked as "forbidden". So there is indeed some trouble with the APN settings on this phone. On android I was able to bypass this by choosing to connect to the forbidden network of my choice, which Sailfish prevents.

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I asked once and I was told that it is a provider issue. Indeed it takes longer to establish a connection. Also sometimes switching to flight mode can speed up things.

For me personally, I have never seen 3G symbol displayed before, but now I see it more often - perhaps if available. I have roaming off and because the provider uses foreign infrastructure, internet does not work unless roaming is allowed.

Perhaps they are right and it has something to do with the provider. Did you check your settings?

deloptes ( 2019-06-17 22:40:21 +0300 )edit

Thanks for your answer @deloptes.

APN settings are right, roaming was tested working with a spare android phone (3g only).

My provider doesn't require roaming for regular connection, I only do need it when abroad.

Sé Zuo ( 2019-06-17 23:52:34 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-06-18 11:14:09 +0300

Raymaen gravatar image

which device are we talking about? this question is a duplicate to this one:

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Not a duplicate. Although I read this and it looks close. I cannot connect to foreign networks at all. Their names are wrong, but also, they are greyed out.

Sé Zuo ( 2019-06-18 12:57:52 +0300 )edit

please add some information about your device and add it also to the tag

Raymaen ( 2019-06-18 13:15:19 +0300 )edit
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