fruux synchro not done automatically (add notification for new account data)

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Hello Sailors,

I have my calendar and contact application bound with fruux.
Even if the account is turned on automatically synchronize. And synchro simply won't be done asap. Never or maybe in one year
Especially for the calendar events.
Maybe it need some time for this, but i represent myself, as soon as the device is connected to the www. Then the synchro should be done as next.
I've done an event on fruux, connected my device more than one time for diverse jobs. Still no new event appears on it, device could be connected more than one hour to www.
That's pretty irritating to take care if all event contact are correctly updated.
Is that the same for all fruux users? or for other account too? am i alone?

Please sailors bring you experience, even if it works on your device.

It gives me the opportunity to ask for a small new functionality.
Being able to activate deactivate the notification info of an account about which new or updated events or contacts were applied. Could help to verify if the new/corrected/updated object would be correctly done, and if the sync process work correctly.

In resume:
1. please need clarification and info/help on why the sync doesn't work automatically or not as fast as possible (and evt. fix it).
2. Does it happens on other account types or other fruux users?
3. Possibility to have this notification option to help if the sync process work well, and if we add information correctly?

About the "non" or "slowly" automatic sync, is that the same with all other types of account?

Have a nice sails all. Cheers

ps: on my device xperia xa2 plus, and sfos is currently the

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